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De praktijk is open voor afspraken van maandag tot en met vrijdag, van 9.00 uur tot 18.00 uur.

Indien nodig kunnen we ook buiten deze werktijden een afspraak maken; informeer naar de mogelijkheden.

Looking for better health?
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Welcome to ‘Finding The Source Homeopathie’!

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine. By use of specially prepared, highly diluted substances it aims to trigger the body’s own healing mechanisms. It is suitable to people of all ages and stages in life, including babies, the elderly and during pregnancy.

 As a classical homeopath, I believe that true healing is more than removing symptoms. It is the removal of the cause of the symptoms. When addressing the issue at source level, the body’s natural system of healing is triggered at its deepest point.

At Finding The Source Homeopathie we do exactly what it says on the tin: finding the source of what is bothering you, whether that may be on the physical, the emotional or the mental level. This is addressed with a homeopathic remedy, uniquely fitting you and your discomfort.

Examples of physical problems that can be addressed with homeopathy include skin issues (eczema, psoriasis), headaches, whiplash, lung problems (asthma), hormones, digestive tract, fatigue, urinary tract, allergies, chronical infections, and so on. But also think of emotional and mental complaints, such as stress, phobias, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress, stage fright, disordered eating habits, unresolved grief, anger, challenging or harmful relationships, mood swings, concentration problems, memory loss, hyperactivity, behavioural problems, autistic spectrum challenges, etcetera.

Homeopathy is also helpful for acute complaints, such as colds, the flu, (ear) infections, (sport) injuries.

Perhaps your dis-ease has a name, and maybe it doesn’t. Perhaps you wouldn’t describe yourself as being ill. But should you feel you are ‘stuck’ in some way and is it as if something is stopping you from enjoying the good things in life, feel free to contact me to see if homeopathy can be of help.

The name “finding the source” was inspired by a nearby stream, on one of my daily walks when I lived in Somerset (U.K.). It suddenly struck me how similar such a winding route upstream can be to a homeopathic consultation. In my aim of finding the source of the problem, we discover the landscape of the presenting symptoms. This helps me build a picture of the disease process whilst also getting to know you better – essential tools for choosing a remedy that suits you and your individual circumstances best.